Be inspired by Angelika Berger-Sodian’s vision for the future of mobility as well as her view of the factors underpinning China’s success. Journey with her to the Middle Kingdom and find the inspiration you need to take the best from both worlds and to develop a highly innovative and agile business at the forefront of the international mobility revolution. 

Angelika Berger-Sodian is an internationally acclaimed senior executive at the forefront of the Chinese-European mobility revolution, regularly appearing on expert panels as well as TV and radio.

In the spirit of #sinogility, she not only loves to write and reflect on her previous experiences and learning points, but also enjoys generating new ideas, new concepts and models for the future of mobility. Angelika is convinced that the future of mobility will not only require a new set of leadership qualities, but an entirely new model for organisational growth and transformation.

Where does she write/ publish? How can you listen to her ideas?

  • Her book. Proof of concept. Bestseller
  • Her blog. Posts as well as her future Podcast “The #sinogility Podcast”
  • Social media: Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram
  • Media as well as expert interviews (ORF, KPMG, The REVOLUTION Podcast…)

Angelika Berger-Sodian delivers keynotes at technical conferences and company leadership meetings, mostly in combination with corporate growth and transformation initiatives.