What do successful Chinese companies have that more traditional companies in the automotive space often don’t? They have a very special combination of a highly ambitious, long-term strategy for transforming their industry and the dynamic ability to implement it. 

Thanks to  her extensive experience at the forefront of the Chinese-European mobility revolution, Angelika Berger-Sodian is the perfect sparring partner for any CEO or senior leader seeking strategic advice in positioning their company at the forefront of the mobility revolution.

Angelika works both as Advisory Board Member on a strategic level, as well as a trusted advisor to senior leaders, together with her team of affiliates who are asking questions like: “How can leaders and organisations prepare for an unprecedented future in the ever-changing international world of mobility?”

The following bullet points summarise some of Angelika Berger-Sodian’s most relevant fields of key expertise: 

  • The future of mobility. Transformation of an industry.
  • Leadership in the face of mobility industry changes.
  • Growth as well as corporate transformation in disruptive industries.
  • Sino-euro ventures, Collaboration with China.
  • Chinese OEMs as well as Chinese mobility start-ups. Market entry strategies.
  • Entrepreneurship, global start-ups and scale ups in emerging markets.

Angelika Berger-Sodian also offers  leadership mentoring (both in person as well as virtually) on an hourly basis for leaders who need a sparring partner for concrete short-term challenges.